260 m2 / 1000 W / 40 pcs / 400 V

A “All-rounder” user-friendly and flexible unit, made to fit all stadiums!

Let North Grow Lighting assist you and together we will bring your projects to completion.

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  • The arms are actuated within a motor controlled from PLC/PC
  • By removing ground pressure with a column, we allowed the wheels to be turned 180°
  • 3 rigs will be wide enough to cover the width of 74 meters included safety zone. The limitated gap between rigs gives maximum light uniformity
  • 2,2 meters between ground and lights leaves sufficient access for all pitch maintenance procedures
  • Light embedded in the frame provides increased life expectancy of the fixture and bulb
  • With Integrated motorized wheels, only one person is needed to operate the rig in all directions of travel
  • The rigs have been designed for both X and Y travel directions to provide an increased flexibility
  • Disc Brake installed
  • Power supplied; 1 x 63amp 400V
  • 40 pcs 1000w HPS fixtures per rig

Product information

Lighting Footprint

260 square meters

Number of fixtures (lamps)

40 pcs

Type of fixtures

HSE NXT2 1000W TOPLINE alpha

Master GP XTRA Bulb


Dimensions in operation L-H-W

22,6m – 2,2m- 2,4m

Storage space, dimensions folded

11,9m – 2,6m- 2,4m


1 x 63amp


400 V

Lighting Rigs with the greatest flexibility

Years of experience with working relationship with end users worldwide we are able to offer lighting rigs with the greatest flexibility.

The lightweight aluminum construction reduces any form of damage to the pitch. We claim that these invention of lighting rigs are the most user-friendly units in today's market.

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