Lighting Rigs with the greatest flexibility

Years of experience with working relationship with end users worldwide we are able to offer lighting rigs with the greatest flexibility. The lightweight aluminum construction reduces any form of damage to the pitch. We claim that these invention of lighting rigs are the most user-friendly units in today’s market.

The single row concept gives the possibility to adapt the grow light system variables, simply by adjusting the distance between the units the light level will increase or decrease accordingly. The range of NGL lighting rigs enable you to grow and maintain a high quality of playing surface.

We have focused on the following:

  • Health and safety, rigs are designed with a fixed wheel-kit with turntable wheels (180°) This gives the rig stability during mobilizing, prevented accident by not allow the rig to fall over.
  • User friendly rig, one person to operate on/off the pitch
  • Innovative storage by use of one person

High-Tech Solutions

  • Cloud-based Software (packed with high user interface)
  • User friendly screen
  • Integrated Motorized Wheels
  • Disc Brakes
  • Motorized joint for arms
  • Fixtures/LAMPS build into the profile, fully protected (increased lamp lifespan)
  • Moves in (x-y) direction, possible with the help of Column that release the pressure of tires

Range of Our Products: